In this role, you have everything
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Judit Vajland: I heard you saying many times that Norma has been your dream dream role for very long, and that you are very happy that Csokonai Theatre decided to accomodate this wish of yours. Klára Kolonits: The amusing reality … Read More

2017 in videos
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Les Huguenots: video, pictures, reviews
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reviews Top honours went to Klára Kolonits as Marguerite de Valois. Kolonits sparkled and dazzled with her coloratura, gave us creamy soft timbre in the lyrical passages, and turned on a sixpence to shift moods: she could be light-hearted, coquettish, formal, friendly … Read More

New articles, interviews!
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In music, there are non compromises Muzsika: Portrait interview “In the world of social media the feedback can be very direct after a traditional theatre show as well, there is no difference from this point of view. However the real … Read More

In music there are no compromises
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  Anna Belinszky: You started the new season with the Opera House’s tournée in Transylvania with Hunyadi László. When did this role find you first and how do you feel yourself in it? Klára Kolonits: The premiere was in 2012/2013 … Read More

The novelty will be always the meaning and the human being
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I guess that the two of you met on the Music Academy, is there any particular story to that? Dániel Dinyés: No, it’s not the Music Academy where we first met, but an opera production, where I was the coach … Read More

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