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“Thanks to Klára Kolonits who was gorgeous in all the three roles the spectacle was one of the best ones during the whole festival. Kolonits’ acting is magnificent. She remained a beautiful doll even receiving ovations after five-star performance of Les oiseaux de la charmille. She was seducing so credibly, that it was a must to believe every single colour: she brings Hoffman not only to passionate love, but also to pure madness. She was flirtatious, even too much, as there were such moments, long minutes, where it was impossible to concentrate on anything – but her.”

July 21st 2007, László Kolosi

“Klára Kolonits’ voice dramatic power is remarkable especially in the third act, which is anyway the strongest point of the show. She presented qualities of a mature artist, expressing Antonia’s spiritual richness she is heart wrenching and moving.”

1999, Mihály Valkó

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