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In this role, you have everything
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Judit Vajland: I heard you saying many times that Norma has been your dream dream role for very long, and that you are very happy that Csokonai Theatre decided to accomodate this wish of yours. Klára Kolonits: The amusing reality … Read More

In music there are no compromises
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  Anna Belinszky: You started the new season with the Opera House’s tournée in Transylvania with Hunyadi László. When did this role find you first and how do you feel yourself in it? Klára Kolonits: The premiere was in 2012/2013 … Read More

The novelty will be always the meaning and the human being
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I guess that the two of you met on the Music Academy, is there any particular story to that? Dániel Dinyés: No, it’s not the Music Academy where we first met, but an opera production, where I was the coach … Read More

The Queen of the Night
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Péter Spangel: Klára Kolonits is an important figure of Hungarian musical life for almost 25 years. The past season was maybe the most extraordinary one of hers, with press and audience success of her Lucia and Puritani, with a week … Read More

50 faces of culture
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We need to put this dramatic coloratura soprano among the greatest, and not only because of her vocal endowments, but also because of her radiating energy, stage presence and impersonating skills. If someone wants to get acquainted with all colours … Read More

Where can we meet Klára Kolonits in summer?
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Program Guru: You have a huge fanclub who follow nearly all your performances and they speak in superlatives about your personality, your voice and your interpretations. But if I am right, initially you didn’t even study singing? Klára Kolonits: I … Read More

Coloratura singing is an extreme sport
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Gramofon, Zsuzsanna Réfi: One of the reviews says, that with Lucia you placed yourself among the unforgettable interpretations in the history of Hungarian opera. And it was already your third Lucia, and only this one brought the real success. Klára … Read More

I was just like Elvira when I was 16 years old!
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Tamás Márok: In a TV report you were talking about bel canto as if it wasn’t opera but some completely different genre, like musical or operetta… Klára Kolonits: There is not that big difference! These pieces are particular mainly because … Read More

Experiments are necessary
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Levente Z. Szabó: For me the title of the CD and the concert as well means that the „beautiful singing” has been put away a little and that it deserves rediscovering. Klára Kolonits: This is exactly the case. The Hungarian State … Read More

Here we can try anything
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László Ferenc: The popularity of your OperaLab is growing already for years and this season’s Cosi was especially successful. What’s the secret? Dániel Dinyés: This is such a question, that can be answered only by someone who already saw OperaLab from … Read More

Assorted Interview Excerpts
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We collected the most frequent topics that appear in the interviews, together with Klára’s answers. The sources and are listed below, you can access them directly.

The richest moment in time
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The richest moment in time Katalin Gyürky’s interview, originally appeared on Klára Kolonits shares some of the most personal memories and experiences connected to the role of Violetta, the mystery of death and the staging of Nadine Duffaut.

Again in Debrecen as Violetta
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Katalin Gyürky: How did it happen, that you are playing Violetta on the Debrecen stage? Klára Kolonits: This is quite an exciting story, because I got a call from Máté Szabó Sipos, the conductor, two weeks before the rehearsals begun: … Read More