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2018/10 Rachmaninov: Romances (whole concert)

00:00 В молчаньи ночи тайной op. 4. no. 3. 02:56 Не пой, красавица, при мне op. 4. no. 4. 07:00 Давно-ль, мой друг op. 4. no. 6. 09:05 Я жду тебя” op. 14. no. 1. 10:56 Весенние воды op. 14. no. 11. 13:02 Они отвечали op. 21. no. 4. 14:43 Отрывок из А. Мюссе op. 21. no. 6. 16:45 Здесь хорошо op. 21. no. 7. 19:07 На смерть чижика op. 21. no. 8. 21:33 У моего окна, op. 26. no. 10. 23:25 Сей день я помню op. 34. no. 10. 25:02 Ночью в саду у меня, op. 38. no. 1. 26:56 К ней, op. 38. no. 2. 30:09 Vocalise Op 34. no. 14.
Encores: 35:29 Весенние воды op. 14. no. 11. 37:38 Здесь хорошо op. 21. no. 7.


“This is actually a personal theatre, where there is no singing partner, no ostentatious decorations or costumes, and the singer only with his song and his soul creates such a complex world or fate within a couple of minutes, which otherwise, in the opera, gets constructed in two or three hours and on a thirty-foot stage. It requires the highest level of concentration from the artist, because if I let go just for a moment, I lose my connection with the audience and I loose all the magic awoken by the song. “

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Klára Kolonits|Dates


“I found myself in an internal, homey world. The character of the pieces was transmitted very well and Klára Kolonits made us believe that technically this is a children’s play for her: listening to the colours of her voice and subtle pianos was an unforgettable experience. Some of Schubert pieces became practically folk songs in Austria: and both performers made them sound such naturally, purely and honestly as if they were popular music indeed. Dániel Dinyés was a perfect partner: he stayed in harmony with the singer and didn’t fall into second row. Klára Kolonits underlined the emotional expression of the music with subtle gestures as well.”

Schubert: Liederabend | 13th December 2015,

“Strikingly subtle instrumentation and exceptional timbre of Klára Kolonits’ beautiful voice deepened the uniqueness of the piece. She sang wonderfully; she understands, feels the modern music as well.”

Dinyés: Canti senza parole | 11th November 2010, Ildikó Lehotka

“Klára Kolonits sang with her usual suggestiveness, rich variety of musical assets and impeccable diction.”

Gyöngyösi: Two Csokonai songs | March 2009, Muzsika, János Malina


full lieder/chamber repertoire

in chronological order

J. Haydn:

Assorted songs

W. A. Mozart:

Assorted songs

L. van Beethoven:

Assorted songs

G. Rossini:

Assorted songs and cycles:

La regata veneziana

G. Donizetti:

Assorted songs

F. Schubert:

Assorted songs

V. Bellini:

Assorted songs

Fanny Mendelssohn:

Assorted songs

Felix Mendelssohn:

Assorted songs

F. Chopin:

Assorted songs

R. Schumann:

Assorted songs and cycles:

Frauenliebe und Leben



C. Alkan

Assorted songs and cycles:

Anciennes mélodies de la synagogue 

F. Liszt:

Assorted sons and cycles:

Tre sonetti di Petrarca

R. Wagner: 

Wesendonck Lieder

C. Wieck-Schumann:

Assorted songs

J. Brahms:

Assorted songs

M. Mussorgski:

Assorted songs and cycles:

Песни и пляски смерти


P. Tchaikovsky:

Assorted songs

A. Dvořák:

Assorted songs and cycles:

Biblické písně

E. Grieg:

Assorted songs

G. Fauré:

Assorted songs

L. Janáček:

Řikadla pro komorní sbor a 10 nástrojů

E. Chausson:

Assorted songs and duets

J. Hubay:

Assorted songs

H. Wolf:

Assorted songs

G. Mahler: 

Assorted songs and cycles:


C. Debussy:

Assorted songs

R. Strauss:

Assorted songs and cycles:


Vier letzte Lieder

A. Schönberg:


A. Zemlinsky: 


Maiblumen blühten überall

C. Ives:

Assorted songs

S. Rachmaninov

Assorted songs

M. Ravel:

Assorted songs and cycles:


5 Mélodies populaires grecques

E. Dohnányi:

Assorted songs and cycles:

Im Lebenslenz

B. Bartók:

Assorted songs

Z. Kodály:

Assorted songs

E. Korngold:

Assorted songs

A. Berg:

7 frühe Lieder

G. Gershwin

Assorted songs

G. von Zieritz:

Japanische Lieder

F. Farkas:

Assorted songs and cycles:


D. Schostakovich:

Assorted songs and cycles:


O. Messaien

Assorted songs and cycles:

Chants de Terre et de Ciel

B. Britten:

Assorted songs

J. Hubay:

Assorted songs

G. Kurtág:

József Attila töredékek

Assorted songs

J. Decsényi: 

Régi magyar szövegek

G. Kancheli:


G. Selmeczi: 

Halott város

Assorted songs

J. Widmann:

Experiment on a Fugue

L. Gyöngyösi:

Assorted songs

D. Dinyés:


Libertà, libertà

Új Énekek

Canti senza parole

P.o.E. – Poetry or Epic, easy songs over not an easy subject.