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In music, there are non compromises
Muzsika: Portrait interview

“In the world of social media the feedback can be very direct after a traditional theatre show as well, there is no difference from this point of view. However the real feedback is, when the day after Requiem-concert two boys, still drunk after last night’s party, sat down in the church in Nagyharsány during the chamber music concert’s rehearsal and started to nod their heads to the music of Mozart. I was sitting in the aisles and my husband with some members of the orchestra were rehearsing Mozart’s wind quintet and piano quartet. One of the boys leaned towards me and asked: “Hey, wasn’t this awesome bearded guy conducting yesterday on the meadow down in Beremend?” “Yes, this awesome bearded guy is my husband” – I said. “This Händel is fantastic, the best way to get sober!” – continued the lads, and I could only agree with them – except there was still Mozart being played.”

Muzsika, 2017.10.10


The novelty will be always the meaning and the human being
Business Class: Interview with Klára Kolonits and Dániel Dinyés



“The same show on Monday can leave the audience completely cold, and on Tuesday they would go crazy. Maybe the cast was different, or the conductor, or it was just a bad day. There aren’t many people who do believe in opera nowadays, but if you are able to find the conductors, stage directors who do, then it can explode with an energy of a geyser.”

Business Class, 2017.10.09

“Rare Trionfai from the first version of Macbeth for once sung with the necessary means. It’s rare to hear Verdi’s da capos with variations and convincing variations to it. This aria is a real feat and innovation in the interpretations of early Verdi operas, without falling apart from his style..”

Forum Opéra, 2017.08.14

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