Where can we meet Klára Kolonits in summer?

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Program Guru: You have a huge fanclub who follow nearly all your performances and they speak in superlatives about your personality, your voice and your interpretations. But if I am right, initially you didn’t even study singing?

Klára Kolonits: I try to remain in direct contact with those, for whom my person or my art is important, but I feel this admiration is not only about my person, but rather about a kind of phenomenon that I can describe more or less as “Never give up!”. I decided to be an opera singer rather late, because initially I studied visual arts, and then I wanted to be a conductor. I started my career late, I went through many-many side roads, provincial theatres, Operetta, performances abroad – and when I finally reached the stage of Hungarian State Opera, initially I did not perform my final, real repertoire. When I finally found myself after all these difficulties, I found also the people who find important that I sing and how I sing.

Which are your favourite roles and why? Did you feel at any of them that this is the top of your career?

My favourite roles are main roles in operas Verdi, Donizetti, Bellini and Erkel, the list is not complete but first of all: Violetta, Lucia, Elvira, Melinda, Szilágyi Erzsébet. These are for me the most rich and complex roles both vocally and stagewise, I can experience a complete life and fate of a woman in each of them. Only later, looking back at my career, I will be able to tell which one was the top.

Your fans state that you swim in bel canto repertoire like a fish in an open sea. What makes these roles exciting?

The composers left a lot of creative freedom to the singer, opening possibilities for individual ornaments and variations, and therefore a singer can remain personal and present, even improvisational – and the audience is thankful if they can get something fresh and alive!

You created a successful project called Bel Canto Reloaded. Can we experience it this summer? We heard that you also take part in the Ördögkatlan festival, in which productions?

The project has a break for this summer, and on Ördögkatlan we put Verdi in the central place, I will take part in his Requiem on August 4th and on August 3th we have an opera gala together with Boldizsár László, composed of our favourite Verdi arias and duets. Both concerts will take place on an open-air stage in Beremend.

Where else can we meet you this summer?

In July I sing Odabella in Verdi’s Attila in staging of Peter Konwitschny in Nürnberg, and then on July the 29th together with the National Symphony Orchestra we will perform Beethoven’s Christus am Ölberge in Martonvásár.

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