We got a lot of feedback after out last season. You asked for more interviews, and here they come! First person we talked to was Lívia Budai, who during our long conversation told us a lot about her difficult beginnings and then huge successes on the greatest opera stages of the world. Another exciting material is the double interview with Júlia Pászthy, opera soprano and extraordinarily successful teacher at the Music Academy, and her daughter Júlia Karosi, jazz singer. We tried to define the similarities and differences between jazz and classical singing studies and career paths. We also prepared a long interview with Katalin Schultz, who shared priceless memories and thoughts about her long and rich career as a singer and especially, as a singing teacher. A returning guest is Emőke Baráth, with whom we could share the most honest thoughts about the difficulties and stress in a singer’s career.

The next part of the project, also based on the feedback we got, will be all about warming up and vocal exercises. Alongside young singers I will also show the technique and tricks preparing for specific vocal challenges. Lívia Antal and Barbara Bordás will join us to work on their current repertoire and go through difficulties in the arias and songs together.