Ascanio in Alba – reviews

“Kolonits got the role just a couple of days before the premiere and learned it – jumping in she just took in her hands all the story with autoirony, confidence and commitment. She enrichened the role with a tasty pantomime, winning my greatest approval. Her second aria brought the house down, NYT would write if she would have sung it at the MET – she received the most sincere and loud applause of the evening.”

January 2012, Muzsika, Tibor Tallian

“Klára Kolonits saved the premiere with bravery: she learned role of Fauno in a couple of days. You couldn’t tell it during the performance at all, she just mastered the virtuoso part, but was able to bring into life also the figure of Fauno.”

January 3rd 2012, Gábor Bóka

“Applauding Klára Kolonits was simply a must. Role of Fauno is limited to some mute scenes and two arias – but what kind of arias! Their virtuosity is comparable to the Queen of the Night’s ones. Kolonits, jumping in in Fauno’s role did it with ease and amazingly.”

December 20th 2010, Mária Albert

“It was a great and deserved success for Klára Kolonits, who performed two difficult arias with her wonderful voice and really first-league coloraturas. Especially impresive was Del tuo gentil sembiante from the second act.”

December 20th 2010, János Malina

“Frenetic performance of Klára Kolonits pinned everyone to their chairs. After her fantastic Melinda she not only saved the premiere, but also was the most successful performer – and would be anywhere – because of her spotless coloraturas, exceptional timbre, excellent acting and humour.”

December 20th 2010, Ildikó Lehotka

“A special attention should be put on both Fauno’s arias, especially the second one is already foreshadowing Queen of the night with its breathtaking coloratura demands (we could admire them in virtuoso performance of Klára Kolonits). (…) The most spectacular was already mentioned Klára Kolonits in the role of Fauno. Her extraordinary singing technique was enrichened by slightly grotesque stage presence.”

December 2010, Opera Portal, Attila Boros

“I think the Klára Kolonits’ jump-in is one of the most bravurous events of the season. She sings with playful grace both murderously difficult arias.”

December 17th 2010,, Johanna

“The audience applauded Klára Kolonits most, the one who jumped into Fauno role. And she deserved it, performed wittily her ceremony master duties and her virtuoso vocal production was spectacular.”

December 16th 2010, Magyar Narancs

“Klára Kolonits jumped in Fauno role five days before, and still was the most exceptional of all the performers: her stage presence is amusing and creative, her voice absolutely secure, got a special applause for her both coloratura arias.”

December 14th 2010, Eszter Vakulya

“The master of ceremony was Klára Kolonits who a couple of days before learned the Fauno role, saving the premiere. We could appreciate her marvellous coloratura skills in the original version of Bánk Bán – here as well her performance was really huge and deserved success. She was amusing the audience as well with her humour and playfulness.”

December 14th 2010, Károly Fülöp

“Klára Kolonits sung the role of Fauno as a result of a brave jump in – she learned the role and the staging within a couple of days – and you could not feel at all that she was standing out. Winking playfully, with a weird construction on her head she brought all attention to her with her strong and technically perfect soprano.”

December 14th 2010, Zoltán Zsiray Rummer

“Klára Kolonits as Fauno with her two wonderful arias was decisively a well deserved favourite of the premiere evening next to Atala Schöck in the title role.”

December 14th 2010, Harald Lacina

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