Bánk Bán 2010

“Klára Kolonits sung Melinda; her Ölj meg engemet aria was wonderful, but in fact it was the third act where she was truly amazing: her precise but expressive, virtuoso coloraturas, rich depictions of the extreme states of the souls put her above all the other performers.”

 November 13th 2010, papiruszportal.hu, szabói

“Very high notes, demanding coloraturas were performed spotlessly: which means, that the singer perfectly mastered the technical part of the role. In addition she successfully depicted Melinda’s spiritual world, pain and madness with timbres, and expressive vocal gestures.”

November 11th 2010, operavilag.net, Gábor Bóka

“Both protagonists, Klára Kolonits and Attila Kiss B., were just soaring in the piece – their production, full of human emotions and vocally excellent as well, was supreme. Aria of Melinda  and the mad scene were the clue points of the whole evening.”

 November 9th 2010, Eszter Máry Szabó

“Klára Kolonits gave us the most balanced and beautiful vocal production of the evening: in addition her part is significantly longer and more difficult in the original version of the opera which was performed. I was following career path of this lovely and very musical singer for the last years. Kolonits was unmatched in her lyrical subtlety, but she was enchantingly secure in all of the numerous virtuoso coloratura passages as well. I planned not to compare to the old masters, but I cannot resist: since Karola Ágai I haven’t heard the mad scene performed so amazingly. Bravo!”

November 7th 2010, Antal Z. Tóth

“Klára Kolonits with a pure voice performed the role of Melinda. Her soprano fits in all the the coloraturas with such an ease and a technical perfection, as they can rarely be experienced in this piece.”

November 2010, Opernglass, P. Wurze

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