Bánk Bán 2014

“Melinda is THE role for Klára Kolonits – who sung the matiné AND the evening performance on that day. What I heard was one of the most wonderful opera moments in the last years. I would not like to use big words but here it is just a must and only them can express: Kolonits became really a bright star in the history of Hungarian opera culture. Her voice is very powerful, but able to express slightest nuances as well. She sings with a fantastic, even unreal light and resonance without any effort – and masterfully in all the registers, the high one being the most wonderful. There is no orchestra tutti, no ensemble, that she wouldn’t be able to cover with her rich and beautifully soaring soprano. When she hits a high C in the aria, makes it just appear out of silence and volumes it up, without any jump or portamento: unforgettable experience and great technical virtuosity. (…) Kolonits gives back the faith in this art.”

 March 20th 2014, momus.hu, ppp

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