Der Vampyr 2018

“Female roles were casted perfectly from all points of view. Klára Kolonits excelled in the role of Malwina, which was up to the expectations: the voice soared with ease above the dense and often very lively orchestral tissue. What was surprising in her performance, was the naturalness of her German declamation-style recitativos and the confidence in following the German singspiel vocal traditions, despite this repertoire isn’t performed by her often (however, on second thought, the singer’s vast Lied repertoire might be the explanation).”

 January 14th 2018,, Antal Tóth

“Among the whole cast Klára Kolonits drew most attention. The role of Malwina is significantly longer than the other female ones, and the part is demanding: not only a seduced, innocent girl, but truly in love with Aubry and ready to stand up to her father who objects the liaison. The voice of Kolonits shined also in great dramatic tableaux with dense orchestra, timbre was even throughout the range and the technique – spotless.”

January 15th 2018, Népszava, Péter Varga

“The role of Malwina was beautifully sung by Kolonits Klára”

January 13th 2018, oopperaa blog

“It was worth to see the show from the second row because of world-class performance of Klára Kolonits”

January 12th  2018, vészkijárat blog

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