Die Entführung aus dem Serail 2014

“One has to put Klára Kolonits‘ Konstanze first: with her beautiful, agile and powerful coloratura soprano she proved once again that her talent is of the world class. Gracefully dealing with the part’s technical difficulties, she didn’t have to focus on singing only: so that she could put a lot of energy in acting as well. She depicted believably the young woman decided to be faithful to her love even for the price of her life.”

February 27th 2014, kuk.btk.ppke.huZoltán Péter

“I’m happy that I bought ticket only for one cast, and I admit that after last year’s Donna Anna I wanted to hear Klára Kolonits in the role of Konstanze. I don’t think anyone can perform it better, more beautifully. Klára Kolonits was singing perfectly and bravurously, her voice is soaring with warmth and brightness in all its registers, her acting and interpretation touching and believable. Dramatic, but well balanced in the overall cheerful tone of the piece. In the prose fragments she is the best as well.”

March 24th 2014, szinhaz.hu, István Timá

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