Die Entführung aus dem Serail

I have been singing the role of Konstanze for a while, but in this production it felt like it was being completely reborn. Tamás Juronics put the story into the present times, but did it with subtlety and sensitivity, in complete harmony with the original story, slightly reinforcing the emotional focal points of the conflict. All this was spiced up with a very impressive set by Balázs Cziegler, in which the characters can and do move very dynamically. It requires a great deal of physical work from the singers, but I feel that this discipline pays back and produces much more dramatic tension in the performance. The comedy and the psychological drama are present at the same time. For me, this is completely unique and I enjoyed the rehearsals very much. ”


“Konstanze of Klára Kolonits goes far beyond the already high expectations. Although this is not a new role for her, she redefines it completely. She interprets the terrifying arias like “Martern aller Arten” with amazing ease and bravura, maintaining a completely even sound throughout the whole range of more than two octaves, which is an impressive achievement. The noble suffering with which she replies to the Selim’s advances gives a rare glow to her interpretation.”

2020. February 12., momus.hu, Tóth z. Antal 

“From a vocal point of view, the score is very much a challenging task. The characters have to perform murderously difficult arias with large tessitura. Konstanze’s part can compete with that the of Queen of the Night of the Magic Flute. Klára Kolonits however is worthy of her fame, produces an outstanding performance, her coloraturas and musicality are of highest international standard.”

2019. December 27., haon.hu



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