Die Fledermaus 2011

“Absolutely the greatest success of the evening was Klára Kolonits’ Rosalinda interpretation, who performed the Csárdás in it full, almost never sung version with all the coloratura. The reason for her success wasn’t only the Csárdás though, but the impeccable vocal production during the whole performance as well. It is no wonder that she was great in the musical part as we know well her talent, but her acting and long spoken parts in German languages proved that she is great in these territories as well.”

August 24th 2011, momus.hu, gbre

“The protagonist was the fantastic Klára Kolonits, who expressed ever single impulse of Rosalinda’s role, and sung on her usual highest level. In her interpretation Rosalinda was lady, coquette and hysteric – everything, that is hidden within the figure. Csárdás has been performed in the never heard coloratura version, and partially in Hungarian to render its character better.”

August 21th 2011, papiruszportal.hu, Ildikó Lehotka

“It was a pleasant reunion with the regular guests: Klára Kolonits (La Traviata from 2009) gives her wonderful voice to Rosalinde this time.

August 17th 2011, Niederösterreich Nachrichten

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