Don Giovanni 2011

“Klára Kolonits enrichened the long line of her great productions in the last seasons with the current Donna Anna – it yet again proves her great singing technique and impressive stage presence: her energy inspires the singing partners as well.”

January 2012, Muzsika, Gábor Bóka

“Among the ladies it was surely Klára Kolonits in the role of Donna Anna who delivered an extraordinary production. Her bright, powerful voice sounded wonderfully also in the ensembles. With tiny, but memorable gestures she marked, that Don Giovanni’s “attack” meant more to her, that she is willing to narrate to her fiancé – and that the revenge for her father’s death is equally ardent to the passion awakened in her by the title character.”

January 2012,, Ilona Kovács

“Klára Kolonits contributed yet again to the positive picture of her that we have. Wonderfully, with greath emotional depth she portrayed the noble lady.”

December 2011,, Attila Boros

“We saw Klára Kolonits in the role of Donna Anna, she was singing beautifully with a great musicality; her Non mi dir aria was a bright point of the evening with its precise and virtuoso coloraturas.”

December 2011,, Ildikó Lehotka

“Klára Kolonits’ Anna was gentle and well-balanced, there were beautiful moments in her second act aria.”

November 2011,, Tamás Koltai

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