Don Giovanni 2015

“One simply cannot find any mistake in Donna Anna of Klára Kolonits. Actually we got used to the fact that whatever she touches, she performs it exclusively on high level, proving her versatility with new and new wonders. On that evening not only her shining, graceful coloraturas were in the focus, but also the role’s intense dramatism radiated through her voice and stage presence. (…) Donna Anna was just as strong, desperate and at time hysterical, as we expect her to be.”

December 17th 2015,, Kata Kondor

Don Giovanni 2015 | Erkel Theatre
Don Giovanni 2015 | Erkel Theatre

“Another bright point of the evening was excellent Donna Anna of Klara Kolonits. Not only beautiful voice, bell-like and pure coloraturas and powerfully dramatic vocal interpretation of the artist was compelling, but also her fantastic stage performance. She portrayed an emotionally unstable, ready for anything, hysterical noble lady, who actually feels attracted to her uninvited night visitor, but is unable to cross her own borders.”

December 21st 2015, Zoltán Péter

“Klára Kolonits was not only tremendously secure in singing this difficult part, but also passionately and fiercely took part in the Schrott’s play.”

April 25th 2015,, Antal Z. Tóth

“One can easily feel, that Klára Kolonits feels very secure in the role. The second aria was one of the climaxes of the whole evening.”

December 8th 2015,, Zsuzsanna Makk

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