Vincenzo Bellini: I Puritani

This figure reminds a lot myself at the age of 16, and all that I used to think about love and relationships back then. I used to read a lot and my expectations towards men were based on works of Tolstoy and Balzac. If a boy didn’t tak to me just the way I expected him to, I reacted very vividly just like an opera heroine. It remains deep in your subconsciousness. When my feminity started to wake up, I wasn’t exactly popular among boys but a bit later – on the contrary and then I was able to reason only in the extreme way like Elvira does. I can completely identify myself with her dedication, vulnerability, jealousy  and with seeing things in black and white, as everything was a question of life and death. Within one sheet of music such things happen with her that completely exclude themselves. And I do understand because I experienced it myself.

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