Erkel Ferenc: László Hunyadi

Looking at my stage children, each and every of them gave me some kind of exceptional, rare experience that I will remember forever. Honestly I am grateful to the stage director of this production, because it gave me a new mother-role that I could experience and live-through – traditionally Mátyás is a Hosenrole and the area of young mezzos. I am sure that Dénes, with whom I played in Hunyadi, is a gift for me. I met him in a very sensitive and vulnerable period, and we did together not only a couple of shows but all runs and rehearsals linked to them. This was really a lot time that we spent together and got to know each other thoroughly – and in the effect, we didn’t merely play our roles but we lived on stage. We enriched the relationship between Erzsébet and Mátyás with numerous tiny scenes, and in the 2017 run we crowned it in the finale. After the cathartic execution Erzsébet doesn’t run off from the stage, but stands firm in the scene, looking at the destiny bringing the crown to Mátyás.

2013 Magyar Állami Operaház (⟳ 2014, ⟳ 2015, ⟳ 2016, ⟳ 2017, ⟳ 2019)

MD: Kocsár Balázs, Stage: Szűcs Gábor

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Klára Kolonits: Erkel

source: Surprisingly, no opera singer has ever dared to limit himself to Ferenc Erkel works for a solo album. So far. While the pioneer of Hungarian music has his merits, his Bánk bán and Hunyadi László are full of dramaturgical problems, of inconveniences concerning the libretto or even the possible singing articulation of the text, which all the well-intentioned directors and theatre-makers have not been able to fully remedy. Klára Kolonits’ new disc reveals the composer’s merits: inspired by …