László Hunyadi 2016

“First, there is a wonderful and mostly unknown Hungarian soprano Klára Kolonits. Upon hearing her live for the first time last week I was immediately taken by the beauty of her wonder timber live. It’s such a luxury to hear a secure voice ring out with such passion and fire.”

22nd March 2016, Dillon Haynes (Coloraturafan)

After a truly successful run of Hunyadi László, let us share a review, some pictures, and first of all videos with Coloraturafan’s wonderful introduction.

Dear friends, I am back from a lovely trip. I had the chance to experience lots of new voices, which is always exciting…

Közzétette: Coloraturafan – 2016. március 21.



Klára Kolonits without any stage items and special effects is able to make us focus entirely on her: so that never-ending applause that remains even minutes after she has left the stage, is no surprise.

13th March 2016, Zsuzsanna Makk

Please find the playlist with the newest videos below. You can navigate within it using the standard youtube controls.

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