Hunyadi László 2023

We hear Erzsébet Szilágyi from Klára Kolonits, no exaggeration, world class. Thanks to her, we can imagine what a mother must experience when she sees her son being executed.

source: Olvass bele


Every time I talk about this singer, I have to repeat myself. If she had the opportunity to perform more often outside Hungary, she would sweep away the sea of vocal garbage we are used to in no time. The power of the agencies that often collude with the theatres will never go away, we have to get used to it. Kolonits performs the inpenetrable role of Erzsébet with her usual technical skill, but without making the coloratura a mere exercise. Everything is always in the service of interpretation and expression. In the final scene, in which she sees her son beheaded, her despair is palpable and leads to real emotion. I hope to hear her many more times, perhaps as a wish, outside Hungary too!

source: Lirica Oggi

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