La Traviata in Hungarian Stage Opera

“Klára Kolonits made a compelling Violetta in Budapest.”

December 4th 2013,, Simon Hewitt

“Already in the first moment she brought all eyes onto herself with seducing gestures and spicy smile: she was simply living the role. I would not say that only Alfredo got fell in love. Her interpretation is great in the second act as well, she timidly smiles at Germont, still hoping that maybe she’ll manage to convince him about her genuine love for his son. During the dialogue the hope slowly disappears, she realizes that for a while she needs to go away – and finally, she learns that she has to leave Alfredo forever. Klára Kolonits every movement, every slightest tremble on her face expressed the tragedy of the fallen girl. And so her interpretation was most poignant in the fourth act (…) – that was the point where we could experience in the most perfect balance singing and playing.”

December 6th 2006, operavilá, Károly Fülop

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