Le Nozze di Figaro 2012

“Klára Kolonits sung the Countess Almaviva’s part, with her usual musical and stage professionalism. Porgi amor was moving to tears and radiating, wonderfully constructed Dove sono received a spontaneous applause-hurricane. In her acting a one could see a mature woman and playful young Rosina put together, spiced with a lot of humour. Listening to Kolonits’ singing I thought more than once about what I heard and read many times: if someone can sing Mozart well, it is balsam for the throat. That is how Klára Kolonits sings the Countess.”

August 27th 2012, momus.hu, zsoly

“The ensemble was full of beautiful voices and joy of playing: for instance, Klára Kolonits in the role of suffering, dramatic Countess d’Almaviva.”

August 2012, Niederösterreich Nachrichten

“The Countess of Klára Kolonits is in a word amazing. She has sung a lot of Mozart roles (don’t forget her jump-in to Ascanio in Alba or – recently – Donna Anna), but her core repertoire at the moment are virtuoso dramatic coloratura roles. It was a joy to hear her again in one of earlier successful roles, as she was singing in her musical mother tongue. Both arias were wonderful, full of emotions. She fulfilled all the staging peculiarities as well, the flesh and blood side of the character was underlined and not a pathetic, mannerical silhouette. The Countess does not stand way beyond the others in the social hierarchy, the accent is put on the woman’s role and destiny, which is probably more important in the today’s world. Kolonits not only sang Countess this year, but also presented herself successfully as Lieder singer, giving a Liszt-Liederabend accompanied by Dániel Dinyés.”

August 24th 2012, papiruszportal.hu, Ildikó Lehotka

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