Les Huguenots 2019

In the first place the interpreter of the single historical figure in the piece, Queen Marguerite, must be mentioned: Klara Kolonits. With her showpiece scene she really deserved the enthusiastic ovations – I have seldom experienced such a stupendous execution of an aria! Her voice of a lovely timbre seems to have no limits, with overwhelming lightness and a brilliance that is second to none, explodes in real coloratura fireworks. The icing on the cake, however: there is nothing “mechanical” about it, or simply decorative, oh no, Frau Kolonits can put so much heart into her phrases – the saying “vom Herz auf der Zunge” , if in a different dimension, but is absolutely valid here. Her royal, but never abhorred attitude, her sympathetic disposition contributes to the fact that one can speak here of an exceptional performance of the highest range.

February 2019, Der Neue Merker, Michael Tanzler

”Les Huguenots” were seldom shown after the first years, but it has experienced a sort of renaissance in the last few years. It has been said that the reason behind this rejection was the difficulty of the music and you cannot deny that the music is challenging to sing. Most soloist should have both a very wide range and incredible agility of voice. But in Budapest they had managed to gather a super group of soloist, out of whom I will here mention only a few. Klára Kolonits as queen Marguerite de Valois truly was the queen of the group. The endless decorations of the highest of tunes reached without any difficulty whatsoever. No wonder she received the strongest applause in the end of the night. Unbelievably beautiful!

January 27th 2019, OopperaDonna

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