Lucia di Lammermoor 2015

“We could expect – and we did – that Klára Kolonits will show some kind of a miracle in the role of Lucia, but the effect was still surprising: the beauty of her voice and technical precision did surprise also those, who follow Kolonits’ career already for a long while. I cannot believe that there is any coloratura soprano in the world, who would sing this part better than her, or even at the same level. I rarely allow myself to use this adjective because it is rarely true, but now I gladly admit I am forced to write it: Kolonits’ Lucia was absolutely perfect and of the highest world class. (…) She does not see an eighteen-years-old girl tortured by the fate and her brother in Lucia, but rather a young woman, determined to fight for her love. (…) She ornates the part with an unbelievable richness, yet does not forget even for a while that the sounds, runs and trills always serve to express the genuineness of the character and the music. (…) The public rewarded the singers, and in the first place the fantastic production of Klára Kolonits, with a neverending ovation.”

May 6th 2015,, ppp

“Klára Kolonits with radiating passion woke up to life the figure of loving girl, Lucia, who gets forced to marriage of convenience. She sung the difficult coloratura arias with such a grace, that – famously rather reserved – local public celebrated her with exuberant applause.”

April 26th 2015, Vas népe online, Ágnes Kovács, Gábor Cseh

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