Maria Stuarda 2022

First of all, we owe all this to the music direction of Dániel Dinyés. His paces and conductor’s decisions, which he kept under control throughout, but were still breathing freely, proved the Donizetti formula to be so natural, lawful and logical within its own closed universe, that we could only be happy to recognize it. The semi staged production was even helpful to prove the inevitable: Maria Stuarda is an operatic masterpiece. Moreover, it is a masterpiece in which not one, but two large-scale operatic queens can present themselves and the tragedy of human and female existence.

And here we can no longer wait but proceed to praise the two main characters of the production. Just a few weeks ago, Klára Kolonits celebrated a loud, both critical and audience success at the opera house premiere of László Hunyadi, and now as Mary Stuard she went under the executioner’s knife in Szeged triumphantly as well. Once again, I was delighted that the richness and expressive power of the voice survived the 2020-21 shutdowns and the covid period unscathed. The top notes, that certain opera fans are especially scrupulously listening to, like the high D of the finale of Act I, sounded with supreme confidence. And what is much more important than this: Kolonits not only carefully articulated the text, but in her phrases she brought an entire human fate to a touching distance, as beautiful as it was tragic.

2022 April 19th, Revizor, László Ferenc

Klára Kolonits is nowadays the unquestionable star of Hungarian bel canto singing. She never approaches the repertoire from the point of view of bravurous coloratura, rather she always considers the faithful interpretation of the given figure a priority. Mária is already a failed woman from the start, she has been in prison for many years. Still, she holds herself regally. A queen who did not give up her attitude for even a moment. She unfolds the deep lyricism of the parts, full of delicate pianos, and when Mária finally fails, she says goodbye to life almost happily. This Mária goes to her death proudly, holding herself up, flying away from earthly worries, relieved.

2022 April 14th,, zéta

The title role was sung by Klára Kolonits, who is perhaps the best bel canto singer in our country, even if, due to the peculiarities of Hungarian opera performance, we cannot say that she only performs this repertoire. Due to the versatility of her soprano, it is natural that bel canto operas gained a special quality in her art, the voice is full and rich, balanced in all registers, yet amazingly flexible, the singer’s extraordinary skill in coloratura does not fail even in the most virtuosic parts. Her Maria is truly a queenly phenomenon, where alongside the sound quality we have stage appearance, the radiance and the sensitive interpretation of the meanders of the character’s soul.

2022 April 29th, Fidelio, Kondor Kata

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