Jacques Offenbach – Les Contes d’Hoffmann

Magyar Állami Operaház 2021

MD: Kesselyák Gergely, Stage: Székely Kriszta

Miskolc Opera Festival 2007

One of the best performances of the festival was Hoffmann, and it was because of Klára Kolonits, who excelled in all three female roles. Heracting is amazing. Even after singing the five-star “Les oiseaux de la charmille,” she remained a beautiful doll while receiving enthusiastic applause. She was so seductive as Giulietta that you had to believe in every single gesture: she wasn’t just making Hoffmann fall in love with her, she was driving him crazy. There were moments, long minutes, when it was impossible to pay attention to anything, but her.

July 21st 2007, Kolosi László

Szolnok 1999

The dramatic effect of Klára Kolonits’ voice can be observed mainly in the third act, which is the strongest point of the performance from all perspectives. We saw a mature artist who transmitted Antonia’s spiritual world in a touching and heartbreaking way.

1999, Valkó Mihály

Debrecen 1996

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