Simon Boccanegra – Rouen


“Klara Kolonits finds a part we didn’t necessarily expect her in. Admired for her incredible Belcantist interpretations, embodies a juvenile Amelia. The vocal agility, breath and grammar of belcanto are the main assets of its interpretation.”

2021. June 12., Forum Opéra, Yannick Boussaert 

“Klára Kolonits (Hungarian soprano rather famous for her coloratura emploi), is astonishing in Amelia: the voice unfolds freely, without the slightest effort, carried by a projection of a great ease. The timbre is fresh and clear but capable of beautiful lyrical outbursts.”

2021. June 12., Premiere Loge, Stéphane Lelièvre 

“The Hungarian soprano Klara Kolonits, Amelia, also shows great skill: her voice is not particularly huge, but well conducted and rich. It is easy to get carried away by its beautiful and generous qualities.”

2021. June 14., Classique News, Emmanuel Andrieu 

“Dramatic coloratura soprano, Klara Kolonits (Amélia / Maria), very invested on the stage, has a sure and extremely easy high range, as well as a great ability to add true colors to her singing.”

2021. June 13., olyrix, José Pons 

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