The Magic Flute 2013

“For sure the most memorable interpretation was Klára Kolonits’ Queen of the Night. Self-confidently, with great ease sung all the bravura coloraturas, and with emotional phrasing built up the whole figure also in the meaningless stage production – and all that in a dramatically untouched role, who is simply hanging in the piece.”

May 6th 2014,, Zoltán Péter

“It is a great joy that we can count on an absolute artistic success in the most difficult role of the Queen of the Night: singing of Klára Kolonits reaches the stars. She performs with great ease not only the most critical, virtuoso coloraturas, but also shows with a great effect her belcanto-repertoire skills in the slow part of the first aria. She truly modulates the phrases, and together with musical interpretation comes the theatrical one – Klára Kolonits left alone by the stage director is able to create a fully developed character as well.”

April 24th 2014,, Gábor Bóka

“Klára Kolonits was great in both arias of Queen of the Night, with spotless technique and truly queen-like intonation – in a word, she casted a spell of disarming perfection. What’s more, the technique was never the most important factor. For Klára Kolonits the two most difficult arias of musical literature are no more than personal way of expression – this is a great point where the singer and the role can meet.”

February 18th 2013,, Gábor Bóka

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