Verdi: Il Corsaro jump-in

Of the singers, and not only as a courtesy, Klara Kolonits (Gulnara) should be mentioned first. Kolonits saved the performance with a bravura entrance, learning the solo in a very short time, singing from the score of course. The part was played by Anita Hajdú, the leader and choreographer of the dance company.

I have always heard Kolonits as excellent or absolutely excellent. You can look up reviews on Momus that mention her name – always in superlatives. The Seid – Gulnara duet in Act III showed a rarely heard high school of singing.

If someone tells me twenty years ago in Szeged that Kolonits, singing Judith of Bluebeard, will one day become an extraordinary Gilda, Norma, Donna Anna, Margaret of Valois, I can only shake my head in disbelief.

Heiner Lajos,, 2023-05-09

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