Giuseppe Verdi – La Traviata

I like a lot a Violetta who – instead of suffering through her life – dares to make choices and bear their consequences. In the concept of Nadine Duffaut, Violetta is a modern woman, truly complex character who dares to be even antipathetic on stage. I am not fragile twenty years old girl anymore and I’m not pretending to be, because it would be false and anachronistic. For that reason I love what happened in end in the staging of Nadine: Violetta deprived of all her feminine attributes tries to console Alfredo in the face of her own death, as if in this production she was his mother and his lover in one personWe lose our feminine beauty as time goes by, but we stay women, and mothers, even if we have no children.

2019 Teatro Coccia di Novara

MD: Matteo Beltrami, Stage: Renato Bonajuto

2019 Magyar Opera Cluj

MD: Dinyés Dániel, Stage: Gy. Tatár Éva

2016 Csokonai Theatre, Debrecen

MD: Szabó Sipos Máté, Stage: Nadine Duffaut

2014 Národní divadlo moravskoslezské Ostrava

MD: Robert Jindra, Stage: Carmen Or

2012 Szombathely

MD: Kesselyák Gergely, Stage: Mányik Albert

2012 Schloss Kirchstetten Festival

MD: Homaan Khalatbari, Stage: Némedi Csaba

2012 Ljubljana

MD: Loris Voltolini, Stage: Lutz Hochstraate

2010 Bratislava (⟳ 2012)

MD: Peter Valentovič Stage: Marián Chudovský,

2007 Opera Osijek (⟳ 2008)

MD: Loris Voltolini, Stage: Ivan Leo Lemo

2006 Magyar Állami Operaház (⟳ 2008, ⟳ 2009, ⟳ 2010, ⟳ 2012, ⟳ 2013 )

MD: Szabó Sipos Máté, Stage: Békés András

2002 University of Theatre, Budapest

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