I’ve been making music since I was six years old. To begin with I sang in choirs and played the flute. I started studying in the Choir Conducting Department at the Music Academy, and was one of the founders of the Purcell Chorus. After my first oratorio solos I decided to focus on singing, and my first teacher with Katalin Schultz. I later changed the focus of my studies at the Music Academy as well; there I was taught by Zsuzsa Forrai. My stage career started even before I received my diploma, firstly as an ensemble member at Debrecen, and later in Szeged. I took part in many tours, and spent several years as primadonna at the Budapest Operetta Theatre. Since 2002 I have been a soloist at the Hungarian State Opera, while my international engagements have taken me to Toulouse, Novara, Weimar, Linz, Nürnberg, Savonlinna, Prague, Bratislava, Zagreb and Ljubljana.

While recovering from a serious illness, I was forced to change my singing technique and consequently my repertoire. Since then I have been mainly concentrating on the Italian and French bel canto, as well as similarly demanding lead-roles in the operas of Ferenc Erkel. In response to requests from colleagues, both soloists and chorus members, I took up teaching and coaching, with the aim of sharing my own experiences and thereby helping others to find their ideal technique, repertoire and style

The official title of my project for them is: 

Direction and Practice in singing career development: a presentation of new methods.

My goal is to collect a library of articles and videos, which would serve as a comprehensive resource for young people interested in singing as a professional career. I seek to present such ideas and concepts to singers in all genres, classical or otherwise, and to provide guidance for each artist in the choosing of their individual career path, whilst also raising awareness and interest in more complex forms of the singer’s art, such as opera.

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