What voices are missing at the Music Academy What is the first impulse that makes us sing? Is it important if I come from a musical family? Do I need a huge voice to sing opera?


Why is it so important that many people pick up singing study? Which great singer started out as a car mechanic? Why do we need opera audience? What can help a great singer who is going through vocal or emotional struggle?

New year, new series

After the winter break, we are back with new energy, new ideas, new exciting plans. Real-life Master Class and more!

A trampoline and a toilet roll

What physical, mental and emotional processes add up to an execution of a phrase or a song?

Larynx: the intimate biography

On my own example, I would like to illustrate the importance of alertness and conscious guidance at a time when young people are undergoing major hormonal changes, as our personality evolves and our body grows -including the larynx in our throats.

The secret of the Garden Aria

What danger hides in a karaoke version of a famous song that you download from youtube?

Disgusting kindness

Myself I got plenty of questionable feedback not only about my appearance, but also about my personality and my natural vibe.

Győr Master Class: Q&A

In February, on the invitation of Magdolna Szabó during my Master Class in Győr, I gave a mini-speech on the difficulties of our career and on the required attitude.

This is why you should sing

In the last episode of the year, I try to answer the question that is most frequently asked of me about my series.

Why you will (not) become a singer?

Is it important if I was born with big or tiny voice? Do I need to study languages? I’m 18 and just starting. Is it too late?

On teaching

Today’s episode speaks about the teacher-student relationship. As a teacher I always have to keep digging deeper and I would recommend it to the students too.

How the stars are born

All about first music and singing lessons, family background and initial difficulties from the three great ladies of Hungarian opera history: Livia Budai, Júlia Pászthy and Katalin Schultz.

Put it in your head, sweetheart!

…the singing teachers of the past

Meg kell mászni a Mount Everestet!

What difficulties are there to face at all for an exceptionally talented, young singer who travels around the world opera stages surrounded by ceaseless successes?

This is how my throat is!

Should we take into consideration vocal qualities or personality, when selecting repertoire? When to say no to a role offer, and when it is worth the risk?

Every human craves love

Katalin Schultz approaches the topic from the side of what she calls a teacher’s calling, while Lívia Budai tells us about stage energy and the power of honest singing coming straight from the soul.

Dear critics…

What provokes the passion that makes people throw rotten tomatoes at singers whom they do not like? How can the unsatisfied spectators throw their tomatoes nowadays (and sure enough they do)?

Like mother, like daughter

We asked jazz singer Júlia Karosi, how did she perceive the theatre as a little girl and Júlia Pászthy confesses, why she never became her daughter’s singing teacher, despite being a successful professor at the Music Academy.

The beginnings and the failures

How did nine years old Klára behave on her first opera show?What is her strongest addiction?What László Polgár thought of her singing? Are tantrums a good thing?

“Banned out, right into the world career”

….as they said about Lívia Budai, who decided to try her luck abroad because of lack of perspectives at her home country.

The first impulse

How many instruments Emőke plays? Do we learn to speak or sing first? Does it matter if I come from a musical family? Why math teacher can be important?

The Emma Kirkby case

Emma Kirkby, the queen of baroque singing, was extremely popular in Hungary. A few years ago I had the opportunity to hear her in a concert live. 

Fatal love

Why Klára ran away from a hospital? Is it possible to sing an opera when you don’t even have speaking voice? Why love is dangerous?

This one is crazy, let’s take her in!

Was opera Klára’s first choice? Which recording she used to listen 50 times in a row? How did she convince an audition jury to take her in? What less obvious genres did she try herself in (examples included…)?

My dream was the opera

Who gets ten minutes long ovations? What Piroska has in common with Dalila’s vengeance aria? Who was “that boy who came from the Operetta Theatre”?

A bit pricey, but pays off

Can I learn to sing without a teacher? How important trust is? What responsibility comes with being a singing teacher?Can stage be our teacher?

Molnár Piroska

Bátori Éva

Tompos Kátya

Nádasi Veronika

Bordás Barbara

Bretz Gábor

Kovácsházi István

Schultz Katalin

Baráth Emőke