s03e02 On teaching

Klára Kolonits

This week I was lucky to hold a real life master class at the College of Győr, where I worked with nine young people. The material registered there will soon appear in the Master Class series, complementing my Mozart series. To my great pleasure, I was able to work not only with opera singers in making but also with a young lady who is preparing specifically to become an operetta singer. This way, I was able to show the students how the genres interlace and how common technical base is necessary for all of them – which we also try to illustrate in our videos with Barbara Bordás.
Today’s episode speaks about the teacher-student human relationship. As a teacher I always have to keep searching and I would recommend it to the students too – we are different, we have different facial features, larynx, posture, different advantages and difficulties. Our development paths are also different. This way not only two students can get contradictory advice from me – just like you will see it happened in Győr – but I will work with different techniques and tools with the same person – including myself – at different stages of the study or later on, their career.

Our attentive followers will surely remember that we’ve talked about teachers and teaching methods several times:

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