s02e02: Put it in your head, sweetheart!

Budai Lívia, Pászthy Júlia, Schultz Katalin

In today’s episode Lívia Budai, Júlia Pászthy and Katalin Schultz tell us about their years at the Music Academy. We also encounter the questions that will keep us busy throughout the season:
The first big topic is the singing teacher and the pedagogy of singing: what makes a good teacher? “Not oversharing, but open. Loving, understanding, but demanding.” – whose qualities have been listed this way by Katalin Schultz?
The second Leitmotiv is the negative feedback and critique, the inevitable difficulties that come along: how important is the form, and does the intention count? Out of one hundred and ninety Aida shows, that Lívia Budai sang as Amneris, on how many of them she subconsciously thought of an unpleasant remark that she heard from a teacher at an exam after her first semester?

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