s02e10: Larynx: the intimate biography

Klára Kolonits

In today’s episode, let’s take a closer look at the anatomy of the two rubber bands – the two vocal cords and the throat. On my own example, I would like to illustrate the importance of alertness and conscious guidance at a time when young people are undergoing major hormonal changes, as our personality evolves and our body grows -including the larynx in our throats. And, having gone through these changes a long time ago, is it possible to trace the current vocal difficulties, technical challenges, investigate our “voice-past” and explain our problems by the context in which we have grown up? Who can help you with this? And, most importantly, what’s the lesson and how to go ahead?

I’d rather read than watch.

No problem, transcript will be available shortly. Drop us an e-mail (contact@klarakolonits.com), if you want to get notified about the transcript.

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