s02e11: The secret of the Garden Aria

Klára Kolonits

Last week we already talked about the difference between singing study across the age groups. Today we’d like to continue this thread: what repertoire should be the starting point for a 16-18 years old person, who wants to tackle the singing career? Does it make sense to consciously pick a genre so early, or should we let our talent develop in an intuitive way? The other question we approached, partially based on feedback: is it advisable to rank the genres and claim that the opera is the top of the top? What danger hides in a karaoke version of a famous song that you download from youtube? What is the secret of the famous “Garden Aria”? The choice of classical piece example is not accidental: we will get back to it with Barbara Bordás, and explore the challenges in it during a singing lesson.

I’d rather read than watch.

No problem, transcript will be available shortly. Drop us an e-mail (contact@klarakolonits.com), if you want to get notified about the transcript.

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