s02e14: The mysticism of the pole vaulters

Klára Kolonits

Sure enough everyone saw a champion pole vaulter “fly” at a stratospherical height – but did you pay attention to what makes such “magic” possible? When the physical work actually happens? The most frequent question that I get from my students and colleagues regards the preparation and projection of the high notes. Everyone heard about supporting the note throughout their singing study: oftentimes, the instructions excluded each other. So how can you support that dreaded, exposed high C (or whatever other high note) at the end of your aria? How much effort does it cost? What direction should you push or pull your diaphragm and what to do with the core muscles? Does it depend on these muscles only? With the help of video recordings we will dissect step by step the process of flying at the height of six meters – or a high F – and we will demystify the magic behind it – and we won’t even need that glass ball!

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