s02e15: When you go down, step up!

Klára Kolonits

In one of the previous parts (s02e12) I explained what is the purpose of warmup and why is it so important. We also got to the warmup itself, and one of the scales brought up a very interesting topic of passaggio (s02e13). Today we will continue this discussion – and also the warmup! As I already mentioned, the humming is effective at the beginning and in a smaller range, roughly up to the upper passaggio. But how do we cross the passaggio then, with the same simple scale? How do we reach the upper register? How to make our voice sound even and luminous in all the registers, going up – and especially going down? How do we avoid the “falling into the pit” effect, the involuntary relaxation of the muscles? In this video I will show two simple techniques that you can try out rightaway – and in the next one you will see why do I keep a dumbbell and a fitness band next to my piano, and why I do not need them onstage – let’s just say that they don’t suit Marguerite de Valois costume…

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