s02e21: This is why you should sing

Klára Kolonits

In the last episode of the year, I try to answer the question that is most frequently asked of me about my series. Everyone is aware that the number of active opera singers is limited, the journey to the stage is difficult, the time spent there is uncertain and far more people begin this journey than the amount of those who actually get a career and manage to maintain it. Every active singer, no matter how successful, has their bad moments or periods. During the interviews, the honesty and openness of my guests made it possible for me to illustrate with not only my own example but also the stories of many other singers, who have achieved spectacular careers, all the beautiful and difficult aspects of our profession.
After all, why would I want to get more people “infected” with the love of music and singing? Why do I feel lucky even if my career has not always worked out the way I wanted? Why am I saying it out loud now that it is GOOD to sing?

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