s02e20: The lesson of marking

Klára Kolonits

You need to know that I almost never mark, I feel much more confident during the show when I have sung the stage and orchestra rehearsals in full voice. But of course there are situations when I have to be extra cautious, for example when rehearsals and shows are back to back. In exactly this kind of situation, in the summer of 2004, during a rehearsal that I marked, the listeners drew my attention to very interesting things. If not immediately, but later, because of my asthma, I began to experiment with what I thought to be marking and I managed to build a conscious technique on it – and that proved to be a huge step forward especially in the high register. In today’s video, I talk about that particular rehearsal and we can compare – in the same piece – my then semi-conscious marking based voice projection with much more mature technique that I sang with in 2016.

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