s03e01: New Year, new series!

Kolonits Klára

After the winter break, we are back with new energy, new ideas, new exciting plans. In response to your questions and feedback, in this episode I will reveal, among other things, why in professional singing study I don’t find it a good idea to sing along with a karaoke track and what (or who) to use instead. Believe me, a “Voi che sapete” piano or orchestra accompaniment – or karaoke version of “Let it go” that you search for on YouTube will do you more harm than good, especially in the long run. In the near future, we will publish a long interview with Barbara Bordás, the primadonna of the Operetta Theater, who is also very successful in musical and opera. We worked together on three different pieces – and we will of course show you the results. We would like to illustrate how you can use a similar vocal technique in various genres. In parallel, I will also share my experiences with Mozart roles and take a close look at the problematic parts in the most popular Mozart arias (from Cherubino to Queen of Night: on all levels!). To my great pleasure, also a “real life” masterclass is coming soon – I’ll tell you the details in the video! Thank you very much for the support and feedback so far. Let’s build a Singer 3.0 follows!

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