s03e08 Brace up, warm up!

Klára Kolonits, Győr Master Class participants

The first round of the Győr course was for me mostly about getting to know the students. We talked about the voice types, the favorite pieces, the vocal problems – and of course we sang. Already during the warm-up, some participants’ claimed vocal identity got confirmed, but for others, there were surprises and new possibilities even on the level of Fach. With the help of a simple scale, I observed everyone’s facial features, habits and particularities. Starting from this, I gave sometimes the same, sometimes completely contradictory advice – and the result can be seen in today’s video.

Special thanks to Magdolna Szabó for organizing the course and our young colleagues (in this video: Csenge, Katinka, Alexa, Evelin, Norbert, Rebeka and Nelli) for their openness and active participation!

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