Attila 2004

“Klára Kolonits (Odabella) paints with dramatic expression the character of amazon: faithful to Foresto, yet accused of betrayal. She accepts the sword (and later, the hand) of Attila just in order to kill him afterwards. Her soprano arias alternate poetical mood and wild determination.”

July 19th 2004, Katalin Metz

“Odabella of Klára Kolonits, who’s just spreading her wings at the Opera House, was worth the attention from any point of view.”

July 18th 2004, Tamás Pallós

“Klára Kolonits as Odabella created a memorable character. What’s more, she even became the opera’s main character..”

July 14th 2004,, Csaba Horváth

“Klára Kolonits was exceptional – her production would work on any of the world’s famous opera stages.”

September 2001, Előd Juhász

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