Lucia 2016: premiere

The reception of the last Friday’s Lucia premiere in Erkel Theatre exceeded already high expectations. Happily we also have a lot of material to share.


You are welcome at the remaining 3 shows!

It’s only fitting that I start by praising Kolonits, for indeed, her tour de force performance was the gem in an otherwise rather bleak night. Her affinity and mastery of bel canto was unquestionable: fully in command of her gleaming soprano, Kolonits negotiated the most difficult passages and tossed out high E flats with ridiculous ease. Her mad scene, acted out with eerie intensity, was nothing short of a masterclass. (…)Her performance was absolutely thrilling.(…)
With Kolonits, the Hungarian State Opera has a singer around whom an entire bel canto revival could be built. She would certainly be capable of bringing the great Donizetti heroines to life.

Orsolya Gyárfás,


In short: as we expected Klára Kolonits was very successful in the title role, celebrated with neverending applauses after her arias. The artist herself is a miracle, which I already wrote but it’s impossible to mention it too many times. The high and higher notes appear most graciously. (…) Yesterday evening in another bravura role (after her solo evening in October and Bátori Mária) – Klára Kolonits was dominating and gloriously shining on stage, as intended by the composer. Her strong point is that we can see – even next to the daring coloraturas or even through them – the fragile woman who wins our complete sympathy while she’s fluttering between two fires. (…) However we put it – this portrayal of Lucia is not only high, but also deep.

Zsuzsanna Makk,