László Hunyadi 2013-2014

“She is really good in this role, wins our compassion. The public appreciated her vocal production during both evenings, she got a lot of applause during the spectacle and in the end she was the most celebrated one as well.”

June 23rd 2014, mezeinezo.blog.hu, Zsuzsanna Makk

“We actually waited from Klára Kolonits that La Grange aria shall finally sound as it should in its beauty without any difficulties or limits. We are not disappointed, the artist shows fantastic coloratura skills, performing gracefully and brilliantly even the most beautiful passages.”

June 17th 2013, operavilag.hu, Kata Kondor

“From any point of view we were listeners and spectators of an impeccable interpretation. Klára Kolonits is a perfect dramatic coloratura, who is not only absolutely secure singing the unbelievably difficult part, but is also able to depict the complex figure staggeringly, yet not hysterically. During the performance the enthusiastic young audience put her in even bigger trial of strength – not knowing that the more difficult part of the La Grange aria is still to be sung they interrupted after the first one with a bursting applause.”

June 6th 2013, momus.hu, Antal Z. Tóth

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