I Capuleti ed i Montecchi


The audience’s favorite was Klara Kolonits’ Giulietta (…) Klára Kolonits is undeniably the reigning queen of bel canto in Hungary, and her performance was a testament to her aptitude and love for this repertoire. Her mellifluous voice, round, golden and clean, is a pleasure to listen to, and her command of it is incredible: singing coloratura and interpolating high notes seems to be as easy and natural for Kolonits as taking a breath.

24th May 2016, bachtrack.com, Orsolya Gyárfás

We could practically count on the fact that Klára Kolonits will shine in the role of Giulietta and there was no disappointment on that matter. (…) The role fits ideally to the current point in her career (…). She satisfied the needs of fermata lovers with a magnificent high E, and together with sparkling runs I enjoyed most the atmosphere-building lyrical parts and softness of legatos (…). Klára Kolonits is a standalone brand by now, that one shall appreciate for herself and for her art, regardless of anyone else.

31st May 2016, momus.hu, ppp

Pure emotion. Finally. Every so often this happens, maybe even during an evening where the expectations are not so high at the beginning. The Capuleti at Erkel gave us moments of genuine thrills. In particular because of tonight‘s Giulietta, dramatic coloratura soprano Klára Kolonits. For once this pretentious title is not a void expression: while after the Divina, you know that the SDDC doc are basically absent. Kolonits gave a breath of life with a capital L to the bellinian title role, embroidering it even with the most ardueous note: the E flat in the first act’s Finale, and E natural in the second act’s aria. Both held not too long, but precise and well projected. An absolutely successful debut in this role. (…) Klára Kolonits has also produced mezzevoci perfect in the ambient of her very personal dynamics, that remained perfectly aligned with the character and facets of her fatal love.

24th May 2016, facebook.com, Stefano Italiano

It’s possible to write about interpretation of Klára Kolonits in superlatives only. She performed lyrical role of Giulietta on a very high level, with a whole richness of colours. The coloraturas did not serve purely to display her virtuoso technique, but they had their own place and role in the musical interpretation. The key features of her portrayal were enchanting musical sensibility, secure and flawless technique in the difficult parts as well, wonderfully twinkling coloraturas and deep emotional identification with the character.

29th May 2016, Melpomene, Zoltán Péter

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