What voices are missing at the Music Academy What is the first impulse that makes us sing? Is it important if I come from a musical family? Do I need a huge voice to sing opera?

About the project

Why is it so important that many people pick up singing study? Which great singer started out as a car mechanic? Why do we need opera audience? What can help a great singer who is going through vocal or emotional struggle?

New year, new series

After the winter break, we are back with new energy, new ideas, new exciting plans. Real-life Master Class and more!

A trampoline and a toilet roll

What physical, mental and emotional processes add up to an execution of a phrase or a song?

Larynx: the intimate biography

On my own example, I would like to illustrate the importance of alertness and conscious guidance at a time when young people are undergoing major hormonal changes, as our personality evolves and our body grows -including the larynx in our throats.

The secret of the Garden Aria

What danger hides in a karaoke version of a famous song that you download from youtube?

Why you will (not) become a singer?

Is it important if I was born with big or tiny voice? Do I need to study languages? I’m 18 and just starting. Is it too late?

This is why you should sing

In the last episode of the year, I try to answer the question that is most frequently asked of me about my series.

Why do we need to warm up?

Everyone knows that one colleague who runs into the rehearsal last minute and without any warm-up sings their part rightaway, and very well. Why does he get away with it while other has to do scales for thirty minutes before they can produce a decent sound?

Actually, I am a clarinet

Today’s topic is an evergreen, they wrote books about it and the discussion is still ongoing: Does passaggio exist? Does a mid-register area exist? Or maybe more than one?

Step up when you go down

How to make our voice sound even and luminous in all the registers, going up – and especially going down? How do we avoid the “falling into the pit” effect, the involuntary relaxation of the muscles?

Marguerite de Valois and a dumbbell

Why the sports “prop collection” is useful in your vocal practice and how to make most of it? And when I have already built them into my reflexes, why I won’t need a set of dumbbells onstage (dear stage directors: it is not my intention to give you any ideas…:-)

The marathoner’s wall

In a longer scale that utilises different registers of your voice, you may encounter something similar to the “wall” dreaded by distance runners: a certain point where you feel a significant decrease in your performance.

High notes and pole vaulters

With the help of video recordings we will dissect step by step the process of flying at the height of six meters – or a high F – and we will demystify the magic behind it – and we won’t even need that glass ball!

Lady Ga-Ga-Ga

The affinity for coloratura singing can be something you’re born with – perhaps more frequently with more lyric voices – but I am convinced that even the heaviest Fachs can attain impressive agility with right technique and practice – and sure enough, they will need it also in the dramatic repertoire.

Coloratura tricks and tips

What is the trick for the perfect staccatos in Lucia cadenza or Der hölle Rache? And what happens in a singer’s brain after a good high note?

The lesson of marking

You need to know that I almost never mark, I feel much more confident during the show when I have sung the stage and orchestra rehearsals in full voice. But of course there are situations when I have to be extra cautious, for example when rehearsals and shows are back to back. In exactly this kind of situation, in the summer of 2004, during a rehearsal that I marked, the listeners drew my attention to very interesting things.

When I marry Mr Snow – Barbara Bordás

On the stage of the Operetta Theater, Barbi performs the role of Carrie in Carousel and she brought the famous “When I marry” to work on it further. We’ll look at some of the vocal techniques with which we can approach the more difficult parts of this number. We will also reveal, in which opera role I used the same trick that will help Barbi here with the final chord progression of the song.