s02e16: Marguerite de Valois and a dumbbell

Klára Kolonits

This is not the first sports related parallel in our series, but today we will be working with actual fitness accessories. I will show the stage tricks in the show, wearing the baroque costume of Marguerite de Valois, and also the work behind them. Why the sports “prop collection” is useful in your vocal practice and how to make most of it? And when I have already built them into my reflexes, why I won’t need a set of dumbbells onstage (dear stage directors: it is not my intention to give you any ideas…:-)

I’d rather read than watch.

No problem, transcript will be available shortly. You may want to check out the video for practical demonstration though! Drop us an e-mail (contact@klarakolonits.com), if you want to get notified about the transcript.

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