Liszt Songs 2019
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interview | video | review | pictures interview source: Budapest Spring Festival, March 7th 2019 Áradó romantika, slágerszerű dallamok – Kolonits Klára operaénekes szerint ezek a Liszt-dalok legfőbb ismérvei. Liszt Ferenc több mint hetven dalt írt, átirataival zongoraművészként is tevékenyen részt vett a … Read More

Lucia di Lammermoor 2019
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Klara Kolonits. I already wrote about her at other occasions. Each time I listen to her, I get a fit of an uncontrollable anger, because a singer like this should have all theatres in the world at her feed, and … Read More

October Songs
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In what aspect art songs as a genre are special for an opera singer? How do you prepare a new piece? I work simultaneously on the musical aspect, technical challenges and the diction. Rachmaninov romances are a particular mixture between … Read More

Dates 2018/2019
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In this role, you have everything
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Judit Vajland: I heard you saying many times that Norma has been your dream dream role for very long, and that you are very happy that Csokonai Theatre decided to accomodate this wish of yours. Klára Kolonits: The amusing reality … Read More

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